Paving And Asphalt

Paving and asphalt jobs are a part of the great service that Rodriguez Paving And Foundation Company provides.

Our Paving Process

Our effective paving process gives long lasting results for residential and commercial jobs. Our teams with their incredible attention to detail create amazing finishes to jobs and do it right the first time. We always make sure of the customer’s desired depth and asphalt mix.

  • Driveways
  • Residential/Commercial
  • Patching
  • Curbs
  • Parking Lots
  • Crack Filling
  • Silicone

The process begins with analyzing and measuring the jobsite. Depending on the job, we proceed with preparing the base land by either removing any existing asphalt and compacting or cleaning existing asphalt to be the base. If needed a level of rock is added and compacted. Our trucks finally bring in the agreed upon asphalt and it is paved nicely. Our teams smooth out the edges and compact the asphalt.

Depth and Asphalt Mix

Before beginning any job we must ask for the desired depth and asphalt mix. The depth of the asphalt determines what types of vehicles would be able to travel on the asphalt without cracking and ruining it. 2-3 inches are recommended for only smaller vehicles or residential areas and 4-5 inches for larger trucks or commercial areas. The asphalt mix also determines the weight allowed on the asphalt before breaking or cracking.

Analyzing and Measuring

The process begins with an inspection of the land being worked on and nearby land. We observe what the natural water flow would be and keep account of that. The customer would tell us their depth, asphalt mix, if we would need to connect the asphalt to another area, and if to remove any existing asphalt.

Preparing the Base Land

Once a plan is in place, we create a clean, flat surface. If there is any existing asphalt we clean it and add a coat of tackle. If we are removing old asphalt, we cut it out and use our equipment to clean and flatten the layer underneath. We compact until the dirt is sturdy and does not move when our dump trucks go over it. a layer of gravel is evenly distributed and compacted to further solidify the base.

Paving the Asphalt

Our dump trucks come in and lay the asphalt. On bigger jobs we pave with the paving machine but if the job is smaller we rake to make it even. As we flatten the asphalt out with the rakes we compact it to leave a nice finish. The edges are smooth out by hand.

Finishing Touches

Once all is compacted and well, we clean out any small asphalt pieces left behind and blow the dust. We close off the area to any cars for a day or two to protect the level. We recommend if any cars do go over the new asphalt, that they keep their tires straight to lessen the chances of imprinting heavily.

We offer a one year guarantee for owners with a 2 inch or higher asphalt depth.

Our Guarantee

We give a one year guarantee but only if the jobs are taken care of properly and if small cars are the only ones using the road/drive.